About Cryptozsocial media platform

Forsagetron CRYPTOZ SOCIAL is blockchain based decentralized social media platform powered by artificial intelligence platforms built on blockchain technology that allows users to Share any crypto details. The decentralized social media platform is enable end-to-end encryptions for every interaction. Cryptoz Social is a social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue path possible for users by rewarding them for performing activity & sharing content. It's currently the only blockchain based fully community backed specialized crypto platform that can power real power to end user that represents the new age of social networks intending to eradicate inaccurate data, news, information’s, edited post and much more

This Crypto centric social media platform is dedicated to all entire crypto users who are from different counties, zone ,system ,network, company, place or community. Our mission is to bring all crypto users under full featured crypto community, where they can share there words & feelings for crypto with freedom.

While performing any social activities on platform user will able to EARN Crypto points. Which can be applied for using various other facilities on Cryptoz Social platform. Platform have VIP membership facility where paid members can use commercial facilities to promote their business and advertisement purpose.

Currently Platform is using FST DeFi tokens and soon incoming future Cryptoz Social platform will have it’s own DeFi Token. Dont miss the chance to be a part of Cryptoz Communinty.